We are currently seeking host families with teens for our summer 2023 Youth Exchange. Click on Get More Info so we can send you details.

Youth Exchange

You'll be surprised how much you'll enjoy the brother / son (or sister / daughter) you have yet
to meet.
The youth exchange between our sister cities is the longest-running event of its kind in America. Since 1978 (Covid years excepted), teens from one city visit the other for a few weeks each summer. Living with a local family like you've always belonged. Figuring out how different their culture is (and how much it is similar). And the next year, the prior year's host plays the guest, and that friendship circle is completed.
Sometimes, parents are amazed at the transformation in their kids. Sometimes, the youth are surprised themselves. 

Visit our Get More Info page to ... well ... request details on how you (or your 16 - 19 year old) can take advantage of, what truly is for many, a life-changing experience.

We are currently seeking host youth/families for our summer 2023 youth exchange.